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Tips for Becoming a Better Singer

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Sometimes even experienced singers begin to lose their enthusiasm. It’s not for lack of love for music. It’s just that things can get stale. A great way to liven things up is to learn some new things or do some simple exercises. Below are some quick and simple singing tips to help you get your groove back.

1. Taking Voice Lessons

Whether you’ve taken voice lessons in the past or not, there is always more you can learn to improve your vocal performance. But this is one of the best singing tips because it can also expand before your mind a new list of possibilities. This can help reinvigorate your music experience. Even a simple one-time lesson from a previous voice teacher can help you rediscover the thrill of singing.

2. Take on a New Style

Most of us have a favorite music type or one that we feel is best suited for us, but performing a single type of music can get stale pretty quick. Try some classics or some of the latest hits in a different genre. Or, simply rework some of your favorite tunes to fit a different musical style.

3. Reanalyze Your Technique

Over time it is easy to develop bad habits. Record yourself singing on video and analyze what you’re doing. How is your breath support? Is your posture perfect? Are you flat or sharp on any notes? It can be invigorating to correct a small flaw and all of the sudden find the power and endurance to bellow out a powerful song.

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4. Focus Your Tension

Singing requires muscles, but most singers get in bad habits and tense up the wrong muscles when they perform. Doing some relaxation exercises, biofeedback, or self analysis of your muscle tension before, during, and after performances and practice can help you to develop better habits. Every part of your body should be loose and move freely, with the exception of course of your vocal support muscles. Being relaxed will make singing more enjoyable and improve your consistency.

5. Stay Physically Fit

Amazingly, few singers recognize that vocal performance is a physical performance. Music is often lumped in with the concept brain work rather than physical performance. While the whole brain is involved with vocal performance, your body is the main outlet. Singers need to be fit in order to maximize their natural talent. Also, staying fit makes singing a lot less taxing on the body, so you feel uplifted, rather than drained, after your performances. If nothing else, go for a long walk every day. But the more you do for your fitness the more physically prepared you’ll be for long practice sessions and anxious performance settings.

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6. Reward Yourself

Every time you have a successful practice or performance, reward yourself with something relaxing that you enjoy, such as taking time to read or sit in a hot tub.

7. Remember to Sing for Fun Too

Sure, performing is fun. Sometimes practice can even be fun. But after singing for nothing but practice and performance over and over, you will eventually find yourself in a major rut. You need to take some time to remember why you sing in the first place. You do it because you love it. Keep that love fresh by having times when you get together with friends and just sing for the fun of it. Don’t sing what you normally sing. Find some fun tunes or inspirational tunes and bellow to your heart’s content. If you have a group of friends that love music, this may be the most invigorating of all of these singing tips.

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