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New Artist? You Have Your First Songs, but Now What?

The Musician

In response to recent requests by users of R&R World, this tips article focuses on what brand new artists and bands should do once they have created their first songs and are ready to be introduced to the world.

Tip 1) Be aware of what your goals are, and also be realistic. Up front you should know that you won’t make a whole lot of money from your music in the early stages of your career. It’s like starting any business. Focus on getting your product (your music) out there and heard by as many people as possible. You will make your money in the future from playing live shows, and if you are lucky the occasional publishing deal. Being aware of this up front will help you keep your sanity and not get down on yourself if it doesn’t take off right away.
Tip 2) If you are ready to start gigging, you need to create a press kit to send to venues. While doing this, start researching what venues other artists who are similar to you perform at in your area. You need to contact venues that are more likely to have you play a gig at their facility. Make sure your press kit is professional looking and shows what you have to offer.
Tip 3) This is kind of a given nowadays, but get yourself set up with social media profiles that focus on your music. Start self promoting your stuff online and building a “digital” fan base. You also want to be able to tell people where to find you online when you start to gig. Put up your music on your profiles, and even offer it for free downloads. Do not be precious with your music, you just want people to hear it and have it on their computers and iPods and phones.
Tip 4) If you want to start pursuing ways to make money right away, look to publishing. There are many websites out there that post opportunities for musicians to submit their music to companies and projects who are looking for music. Landing one of your songs on a TV show, even if it’s only a 15-30 second clip and in the background, can earn you a nice chunk of change and also help to get your music noticed by the fans of that show. Commercials, independent movies, even Youtube movie-makers are always looking for new music to use on a budget.
Tip 5) To really build your fan base from the start you need to show that you are serious about what you are doing, you are talented, and that you will appreciate your fans. Add fresh material such as photos, videos, songs, and other digital media to your profile pages and website every week to show proactivity. Interact with your fans via social media as well. Building personal relationships with your fans can go a long way for you.
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