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From Inside The Studio


Hello and welcome to the all new jaronsound.com!!!  Lots of news to catch you up on, so here we go…

The new record from Pop/Rock act Genea Massey,  is almost done being mixed. We are currently mixing the tune “Carosello” and only have 2 more tracks to finish off.  Jaronsound Records is also developing 3 songs with Hip Hop superstar in the making, Logic The Topic.  Still growing and getting ever more popular is Jaronsound Records debut artists Dustin Boden.

The focus of this blog, is to update artists about music industry news aimed at unsigned acts.  In this day and age there are a host tools and services at any musician’s fingertips.  From composing, midi and recording software and hardware to marketing and digital distribution, it’s an understatement to say there are “a lot” of options out there.  I hope to post lots of useful and proven information to help sort through the resources available.  Please feel free to email me with any suggested topics or questions.  “See ya out there, good talk.” – jaron

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